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Top 5 Most Often Mispronounced Words

As with any lists, there are many opinions, but these top 5 most often mispronounced words are perennial troublemakers. If nothing else, this short list is a good point to start adding others that also drive you crazy.

Especially bad

Look again. Do you see an "x" in there? There is no "x" in especially, so why is it so often mispronounced as if an ex had anything to do with it? A helpful hint is to remember the "esp" at the beginning, and channel that mind awareness especially into saying it correctly.

Look it up at the library

Somebody eating lie-berries? Are there such things? Maybe the library is the right place to find out the spelling of both words. Library has an "r" after the "b" and if someone tells you differently, they have had too many lie-berries.

Escaping another especially bad one

Again, do you see an "x" anywhere in escape? Make sure to escape any ex cape; after all, jackets and coats are always better choices than a cape for escaping the elements.

Irregardless of what is right and a not-so-nasty vice

Apparently it is the opposite thing that is the source of confusion here. Regardless of the reason, it is wrong to put an "ir" in front of regardless, regardless of how many people say it that way. Regarding irregardless, consider it irrelevant. Finally, consider this not-so-nasty vice. In fact, a vice for vice versa is good, but one for visa versa is not. Vice versa is the proper pronunciation - whether you are the vice president, the vice chairman or your own "vice police" of English offenders.

Practice some discipline, and pronounce words as they are intended. Mispronunciation is probably the second worse sound next to fingernails on a chalkboard to English aficionados.